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I didnt want to read this but I did. I go between apathy, action and anxiety about the climate. I've made some personal changes but then I think about big corporations, governments etc. And I wonder what's the point. I wrote an essay for college a few years ago about consumerism and the research was difficult to digest- planned obsolescence, the development of a credit system, advertising etc we have been led down this path in the west, creating a world and system that is no good for us or the planet. Thankful for your voice on this.

In other news, summer has been delightful long walks, sea swimming, gardening some writing and a little catch up with friends. Welcome back!

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I can't tell you how much this resonated with me. There is so much right now, as the world literally burns around us, while some Christians, including many I know personally and interact with regularly, continue to insist it's not happening, or, if it is, that it'll actually be good for everyone if the worldwide climate is a few degrees warmer. Then there's those in power who continue on their paths to riches and power and the Earth's destruction. My little pieces seem heartbreakingly little. And even the changes that your average person can make are sometimes out of my reach personally. The cost - physically, mentally, logistically, financially, etc. - is just too high some days. I'm glad to know someone else cares deeply, wants to help, and still uses ziplocks!

But your article today faces the absolute horror that has only just begun, our powerlessness in the face of it, AND the hope and joy and rightness we can find in simply doing what we can.

Change is possible. :)

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