Super helpful. Just order a few from the library. I recently finished bell hook's The Will to Change, which I really appreciated. Would not fall under the category of theology but because it focuses on love...

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Great reading lists!! I have not read much of him, but my (pastor) husband really likes Miguel de la Torres, out of Iliff I believe. He does great liberation theology work!

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This is a great list! Thanks for sharing, Liz.

A couple of BIPOC authors I would recommend are Latasha Morrison's Be the Bridge which focuses on Jesus-centered racial reconciliation. It was transformational for me on my journey. The other is a much tougher but (IMO) necessary one - Jermar Tisby's Color of Compromise which takes a historical look at the church's role in both promoting and being complicit to racism. Like I said, it's a tough read. I had to do it in small chunks. But that book sparked a memory. When I was in 7th or 8th grade we had a speaker come to our christian school to talk to all MS & HS students. He took specific scripture out of context and I left that day believing that as a Mixed teenager, God had made a mistake and I was an abomination & unworthy of love. It took YEARS to undo the damage from that assembly.

Anyways, if you want some more, I have a book shelf full ;)

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