I loved this so much. Thank you for introducing me to Pastor Trey. Several of the things you talked about together - liberation theology, inerrancy as a response to the civil rights movement, and more - really unlocked some things for me and put words to thoughts I've had trouble pinning down. Thank you!

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I just came here for a sandwich and you treated me to a seven course meal.

Man, I wish I could be in the room when you have these conversations but I have to say, this felt as if I was indeed there feeling as if the world had stopped for a moment while something magical is happening.

I so appreciate the depth of the connection here, and the genuine interest in each other, and the ease with which you both talk about what matters to you so much.

Thanks for hosting this conversation and posting it here.

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What an excellent article. I so appreciated this care and thoughtful concern. I resonate a lot with Trey’s perspective on ministry, especially the fact he stayed the course as a Christian when many others would laugh at him. It does so much to encourage faith amongst us who aren’t combative but seek to be caring while faithfully.

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