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The Empathy List is a weekly newsletter for all those looking to grow in empathy & curiosity. You can expect two personal essays monthly, plus compilations of “Curious Reads” from around the internet.

It’s also a one-woman show, written and poorly copyedited by progressive Christian* author, Liz Charlotte Grant.

(*Or whatever we’re called now if we’re Christian and a never-ever-ever Trumper)…

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Who is Liz Charlotte Grant?

I’m a religious writer with a big heart & insatiable curiosity.

I’m an award-winning freelance writer from Denver, Colorado, USA.

I’m also progressive Christian, an identity which sounds like an oxymoron to many Americans right now.

My essays have appeared in Religion News Service, the Huffington Post, Hippocampus Magazine, Brevity, Christianity Today, the Christian Century, U.S. Catholic, Sojourners and many other places. I was also a literary magazine editor at the Curator Magazine.

Also, one time, I wrote a review about Elisabeth Elliot, queen of American evangelical purity culture, that held Christian twitter’s attention for a whole week.

My debut book, Knock at the Sky: Seeking God in Genesis After Losing Faith in the Bible, releases in early 2025 from Eerdmans Publishing.

I also worked as a certified birth doula (CD(DONA)).

During that time I had the chance to witness 21 women become mothers to their squishy-faced newborns. The experience deepened my capacity for patience and empathy with my fellow humans, both like and unlike me, as well as encouraging my scientific curiosity.

I believe in extending empathy to every person, no exceptions.

This tenet of “empathy for all” stems from my commitment to historic Christianity as founded by Jesus Christ, who put love of his neighbors—even those who hated him—above himself, and his lifetime of service culminated in his murder by his religious peers and by the state.

I also believe that one way to love my neighbor involves radical generosity by way of liberal policy.

As a former evangelical, I used to vote Republican. But I don’t anymore. (See? People can change.)

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Award-winning nonfiction writer, speaker and progressive Christian. I've always been too earnest to be cool. Never ever Trumper.