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Liz writes essays to grow your empathy + curiosity, plus offers Curious Reads from around the internet.

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Who is Liz Charlotte Grant?

I’m a religious writer with a big heart & insatiable curiosity.

I’m an award-winning writer with a creative writing degree from the Harvard of Christian schools (…or so the admissions office tells me SHRUG). My essays have appeared in the Huffington Post, Hippocampus Magazine, Brevity, Christianity Today, the Christian Century, U.S. Catholic and many other places. I was an editor at the Curator Magazine.

I have also worked as a certified birth doula (CD(DONA)), during which time I had the chance to witness 21 women become mothers to their squishy-faced newborns. The experience deepened my capacity for patience and empathy with my fellow humans, both like and unlike me, as well as encouraging my scientific curiosity.

I’m also progressive Christian, an identity which sounds like an oxymoron to many Americans right now. I see beauty in every corner of the universe, from the bottom of the Mariana trench to galaxies we cannot even see in our puny retinas to the faces of our next-door neighbors, and I really do believe that God is behind whatever good lurks on our planet.

I’m a fanatic for midcentury furniture, heirloom tomatoes, and BBC mystery TV. I live in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, USA, with my two elementary-schoolers and my artist husband.

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Liz Charlotte Grant
Award-winning nonfiction writer, speaker and progressive Christian. I've always been too earnest to be cool.